400 Point Checklist For Monitoring Digital Marketing

Keep track of your digital marketing rather than shooting from the hip!

Just about every decision a customer makes these days involves 'looking online'. Whether you are selling a product or service

Customers are savvy, they know what a good website looks like, and it needs to be set up for a great UX (User Experience). You have heard of SEO, but CRO (Conversion rate Optimisation) is just as important to ensure your web visitors do not just disappear.

✅Improving SEO on your website

✅Increasing CRO on your website

✅Set you apart from the competition

✅It helps your Google ranking by expanding your content

Google Ads Checklist

Facebook Ads Checklist

Social Media Checklist

Email Marketing Checklist

Analytics Checklist

  • Who are you?: Craig Webb, hotelier of 17 years, and now a professional digital marketer and SEO. I have paid many expensive agencies over my career to do things I could have easily done myself. I understand that you don't want to learn it all yourself, but some of the basics are really simple, and will help you convert more bookings for a long time to come.
  • Why should I give you my email?: This will enable me to send you the free guide. And hey, the guide is amazing and will help bring you more bookings.
  • What will I learn?: I have put together my best tips to improve your blog that will give you the biggest long term benefit and that you can implement yourself. Much of Blog writing is about the structure of the page.
  • What will I get?: You should receive more traffic, more backlinks, get better site structure and ultimately more bookings.
  • How will I receive it?: The checklist is in a Google Sheet, and gives you a tick-box checklist to work through in your own time and keep track of your work.
  • Can I come back to you with questions?: Of course, as an ex-hotelier, I was born to serve! I have always been there to serve and help.
  • Will you also try to sell me something?: Probably, yes. Its £99, and will save you about 8 hours of work. Its a professional website audit and report produced by some software that reads it for errors. I then go through it, tailor it to you and add my own personal advice. It will also give you ways to rank above your main competitors.
Webb Marketing

It's almost like I'm sitting right there with you showing you what to do. And if you decide to get the website audit, I am there to answer any questions you may have.

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